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Check your energy centers!

Free chakra-energy test

 Energy, frequency and vibration impact our lives.

Your body has seven main energy centers. They can be under-, over active or in balance. Test how balanced your energy centers aka chakra’s are. 

Get to know your energy centers

When you live in a stressful environment your energy centers easily get out of balance. In time imbalanced energy centers can create issues in your life like burnout, insomnia and inflammatory disfunction.

How does this test work?

Your energy centers and behavior are connected. This test detects imbalances and blockages in your energy centers based on your behavior

This can be a bit confronting here and there.

Harmony is health

Take this test to find out how your energy is currently flowing.

There is so much you can do to restore your energy flow.

It takes you about five minutes to fill out.

Start your energy journey here today!

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