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How many personality tests have you taken in your life? We all take them from time to time. It is just so interesting to get a good reflection of yourself. Isn’t it? We think it is. But, there is a slight problem with having a ‘certain type of personality’. It doesn’t actually exist. 

You can’t locate it in your body. It isn’t portrayed with a certain shape of the brain. Your behavioural patterns are dependent of your interpretation of the interactions you have with your environment. Your behaviour is fluid. You constantly adjust the way you respond to life’s situations as you grow and understand them better. Basically put: you are way too intelligent to have something as finite or static as a personality!  

If I don’t have a personality then what or who am I? What’s going on?! Well, before we send you head first into a deep personality crisis, lets make things very simple. 

Can you feel the warmth of your body? If yes, then that means there is energy. Warmth is energy. Do you have a heartbeat? If yes, then you are probably alive. A synonym for ‘alive’ is ‘energetic’. Your heart beats because of a small electrical current generated by the cardiac conduction system. Electricity is energy.  

So, we have established that you are alive, made of energy, and a bit of matter. Matter is also made of energy of course, but we are keeping things simple here. Google it if you haven’t received that briefing. 

Since we are energetic beings, the next question is: can we influence our energy and how? The answer is: yes. By doing yoga, meditating and by consciously changing your believes. 

In yoga philosophy you can find very clear descriptions about the nature of our life energy. It describes the ‘states of being’ and the ‘chakra system’. The chakra system contains seven main chakra’s, or ‘wheels of energy’ in and around you. The energy wheels have different functions. The energy of safety. The energy of pleasure. The energy of power. The energy of love. The energy of manifesting. The energy of understanding and the energy of connection. 

Over time these energy wheels can become blocked by traumatic experiences or suppressed emotions. This makes a chakra underactive. The other wheels of energy will need to work harder, which can make those chakra’s overactive. A blocked or overactive chakra tilts certain areas in your life slightly out of balance. That is why you can’t get a better job, or house or relationship, or savings account. Your energies are out of alignment.

The founders of this website want to help people find a better balance in their lives and careers. They’ve created the best chakra test by combining the profound insights of Eastern philosophy on the states of being and the chakra system with need for scientific research of the West.   

for in depths report on your energy levels.

"Without knowing yourself, there is no peace."

- Krishnamurti -

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