The story of buddhi

We have created and this chakra test to help people find a better energy balance. In their body, life and career. We want to raise awareness about how you can create a better energy balance for yourself. Because a healthy energy balance lowers stress and prevents burnout. It’s as simple as that. With stress being the number one cause of 95% of all human illnesses, we find this very important.  

Buddhi’s online chakra test combines the insights of Eastern yoga literature on the chakra system with the need for scientific research of the West. Our chakra test is a measurement tool that gives you insight in your energy imbalances. It reports to you where your energy is not flowing. Once that is exposed, we would love to help you (re)discover a healthy energy balance.  

Over time we see buddhi become a database on human consciousness. An artificially intelligent program for life questions and self inquiry. A crowd-sourced platform that combines meditations, yoga and psychology with big data and machine learning. To benefit mankind and to raise our collective consciousness. 


Meaning of buddhi

The meaning of the Sanskrit word buddhi is ‘to understand’ or ‘insight’.

Does your personality exist?

Do you like to take personality tests? We all take them from time to time, right? It’s so interesting to get a broader view on who we are. But when it comes to ‘personality tests’ there is a slight problem. Your personality doesn’t actually exist. You can’t locate your personality it in your body. It doesn’t have a certain shape in your brain. You do however have certain behavior. But it is never static. Your behavior is dynamic. You constantly adjust the way you respond to life’s situations. Depending on what you have learned throughout life, but mostly depending on how you feel. 

We believe people are way too intelligent to have something as finite as a ‘personality’. “If I don’t have a personality than what am I?’” You may ask. Well, before we send you head first into an existential crisis, let’s start with what we know.  

Everything is energy

Can you feel the warmth of your body? If yes, that means there is energy. Warmth is energy. Do you have a heartbeat? If yes, then you are probably alive. A synonym for ‘alive’ is ‘energetic’. Your heart beats because of a small electrical current generated by the cardiac conduction system. Electricity is energy.  So, we have established that you are alive, made of energy, and a bit of matter. Matter is also made of energy according to quantum physics, but we are keeping things simple. 

Since we are energetic beings, the next question is: can we influence our energy? The answer is yes.

Change your energy, chance your life

Start working with your energy to change your life. With the chakra test on this website you get a clear report on how your life energy flows. If one of your chakra’s (or energy wheels) is out of balance, most probably a certain area in your life is also not functioning optimally. You can influence these flows. 

By meditating, by doing yoga and by consciously changing the way you do things. We’d love to help you out on your journey towards a healthy energy balance. And juicy life. Let’s go!

About the chakras

The chakra system contains seven main chakra’s, or ‘wheels of energy’ in and around you. The energy wheels have different functions. The energy of safety. The energy of pleasure. The energy of power. The energy of love. The energy of manifesting. The energy of understanding and the energy of connection. 

Over time these energy wheels can become cluttered by traumatic experiences or suppressed emotions. This can develop into an ’under active’ chakra. The other wheels of energy will need to work harder, which can cause those chakra’s to become ‘over active’. Imbalanced chakras can also bring a certain areas of your life out of balance. 

That is why you can’t get a better job, house, relationship or savings account. Do certain situations keep reoccurring in your life? An obstructed flow of energy is probably what’s in the way.

Want to see your energy centers?

Buddhi means intellect, the ‘instrument’ of your soul. This test measures the state of your intellect in combination with the energy balance of your chakras. For now only the chakra results are shown. We’re currently fine-tuning the intellect feature.

What are chakras?

Chakras are wheels of energy within your consciousness.  Tell me more.

Do you have under- or overactive energy centers?


Do you have questions about your chakra test results? Contact me to plan a free call. I’d love to help you understand your energy management better.