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States of Being

This test also measures your overall ‘State of Being’.
Are you mostly very active, in downtime or calm?

The ancient Yoga Sutra’s describe three constantly fluctuating states of being, or ‘guna’s’ that can be found in the workings of nature and also within your consciousness. When your thoughts and actions are hyperactive they are in the fired up state, or: ‘rajas’. When your thoughts and actions are very tamed down to the point that nothing is happening they are in the downtime state, or: ‘tamas’.

And thirdly there is a state of perfect alignment in between, called ‘sattva’. This is when you are calm, you see things clearly and are able to trust your intuition.

You want to be in sattva as often as possible, because when you are in a state of perfect alignment it is easiest for you to manifest what it is you want.

The Best Chakra Test calculates a percentage of the state of being you are mostly in, by the way you behave and make choices in daily life. Not to worry if you’re not in perfect alignment most of the time yet. You can influence it. Curious?

Are you in alignment?

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Buddhi means intellect, the ‘instrument’ of your soul. This test measures the state of your intellect in combination with the energy balance of your chakras. For now only the chakra results are shown. We’re currently fine-tuning the intellect feature.

What are chakras?

Chakras are wheels of energy within your consciousness.  Tell me more.

Do you have under- or overactive energy centers?


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