What is a Chakra?

A chakra is a wheel of energy. You have seven main chakras.
Together they form the chakra system. An energy engine within you, made of consciousness.

The main chakras govern specific functions and behavioural patterns. This is how the Best Chakra Test can read out whether your chakras are overly active, under performing or in alignment. By the choices you make in your life, career and interactions with others. By how you feel about these topics in general, and also by how you perceive your possibilities and obstacles. 

Lets make one thing clear. Your behaviour is not static. It is fluent. So, the Best Chakra Test is in a way an X-ray of your energy levels in this moment in time. The Best Chakra Test is a snapshot showing you where you are blocking yourself. 

You can definitely influence and change your behavioural patterns yourself. By making different choices in life. By actively guiding your chakras back into alignment with meditation and yoga. 

We’d love to help you get started. The Best Chakra Test is currently working on seven Guided Meditations that will be offered to the world for free. To help you realign your chakras and start experiencing first hand how innately peaceful and free your life can feel. 

Let’s start this journey of mastering your life. Today!

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