Crown Chakra

The final, subtlest of chakras within the main chakra system is the crown chakra. The crown chakra is located at the crown of the head, and its energies extend in all directions in a circular fashion.

It is associated with the process of enlightenment and the acquisition of wisdom you experience over the course of your life. In practice, these are expressed by meditative absorption, transcending dimensions of thought and experience, as well as harmonious growth. It is through the crown chakra that you are able to experience yourself as a part of universal consciousness, unity and love.

Its element is consciousness, a mind grown self-aware, and has no particular sense to correspond to it, as it is the foundation for all of them. Not many of us are conscious of the workings of this energy centre. Explicit awareness of its functioning will make for an empowered being, a realized master.

A wise, unconditionally loving being, open to the smallest and grandest of phenomena in the Universe has a fully developed crown chakra. If the energies of the crown chakra are healthy, you are diligent in your spiritual discipline, yet not lacking in grounding.

The Sanskrit name is ‘Sahasrara’, which means ‘thousand petals’. It stands for the full blossoming of your potential as a cosmic being.


Buddhi means intellect, the ‘instrument’ of your soul. This test measures the state of your intellect in combination with the energy balance of your chakras. For now only the chakra results are shown. We’re currently fine-tuning the intellect feature.

What are chakras?

Chakras are wheels of energy within your consciousness.  Tell me more.

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