Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the fourth wheel of energy within the main chakra system. It is the centre of healing. This area of consciousness comes to full fruition in the years between 21 and 28.

To find the heart chakra, follow the spine upwards to the middle of your chest. It is located above the solar plexus chakra, at the level of your heart. This chakra is a bridge between the lower chakras, having to do with the basic elements of selfhood, and the higher, more spiritual ones.

Its function is to mediate, accept and reconcile through the power of unconditional love. When you are in doubt, the heart chakra provides calmness. If you’re feeling estranged from yourself or others, this chakra supplies you with empathy and compassion. This chakra’s element is air and its corresponding sense is touch.

The core of your being is unshaken by afflictions and disappointments. That’s why in Sanskrit, the name of the heart chakra is Anahata, which translates to ‘unhurt’.

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