Solar Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is the third wheel of energy within the main chakra system. Your solar plexus is located in between the navel and the rib case. It is the centre that oversees physical energy, will power and self-esteem.

This part of your consciousness is developed from the time you are fourteen until around the time you become 21 years old. The chakra regulates your internal dynamism to express to the world what you want and need.

The domain of the solar plexus chakra is nurtured by the element of fire.  It is essential for sustaining your personal agency. A sense at the core of your being that acknowledges who you are and why you are here.

Our self-reliance, too, is affected by the solar plexus chakra. By being productive and resourceful you let yourself and the world know that within you, you have the raw energy to manifest and accomplish in benevolent ways.

In Sanskrit, the solar plexus chakra is called Manipura, meaning ‘city of jewels’. A direct reference to the fire we unlock within us when we manifest and empower our potential properly.

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