Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is the sixth wheel of energy within the main chakra system. It is positioned in the region between your physical eyes, halfway through the forehead. It is in the area of the brain where the pineal gland is located.

The function of your third eye chakra is to regulate your cognitive processes such as memory, intuition and imagination. It’s a bridge between reason and feeling, the connector of matter and spirit.

The third eye chakra helps you see through problems and appearances, exposing the bare bones of being. When you’ve mastered the third eye you can dream lucidly, recognize and read the signs on your path as well as distinguish between vision and delusion.

The element of your third eye chakra is mind, and its sense is sight. This refers to spiritual insight as opposed to physical seeing. Through your insights you discern what is truthful, good and relevant to you in life. It also refers to your potential to perceive more subtle dimensions of being, invisible to the untrained eye. The third eye chakra is called ‘Ajna’ in Sanskrit, which translates to ‘command’ or ‘perceive’.

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